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Jaipur Hotel and Resort in jaipur

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The Jaipur Hotel and Resort

Barely 25 kilometers from Jaipur city, what today is a harsh landscape interspersed only by babool and khejri Trees was once the bed of a perennial River, Dahmi. Nurtured by the river, a Green stroke of life ran through the dunes.

During the last century, the river dried up and vanished. The life around the River too could not withstand the heartless Reality of the local climate for long. Soon, Dahmi and its green store were lost in the annals of time. But not forever.

A group of promoters from Jaipur decided to ‘recreate’ the life and glory of the Dahmi. And much more. Fruit- laden trees and flowers, water and birds, pedestrian bridges and benches. Zuietude with all amenities of modern day living. And a dream called Swapanlok was born.

Situated exactly where the river once flowed, Swapanlok is the reincarnation of a breathtaking oasis of the yesteryears.
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